Plastic sheet film
  • Pp plastic film sheet

    Pp plastic film sheet

    Ultra-low-cost bags for environmental protection non-toxic white plastic sheet PP sheet sale, after SGS inspection, free of heavy metals without halogen, fully meet EU environmental standards.
  • PP plastic film sheet

    PP plastic film sheet

    Supernatural plastic packaging products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of a variety of in line with the EU ROHS standard insulation sheet, gasket polypropylene PP sheet, non-toxic environmental protection. In addition, the detached use of clean room production has greatly improved the product's cleanliness. It is the preferred material for the use of insulating gaskets in high-precision electronic components in electronics factories.
  • PP Plastic Film Sheets

    PP Plastic Film Sheets

    New PP material, environmental protection and non-toxic, after SGS professional body inspection and verification.

    In addition, the factory can modulate the color of the sheet according to your requirements.

    Customize the special PP sheet that belongs to your product.

  • PE plastic film sheet coil

    PE plastic film sheet coil

    PE board, HDPE board, PE non-foamed board, plastic board